As a facility owner/manager or as an HVAC contractor, you can help reduce operating expenses by using simple & intelligent technologies that optimize existing HVAC and other cooling equipment.

Typically, these technologies cost under $1,500 each; payback is often less than a single year.

These “Made in America” products have been installed in over 1,200 locations in the U.S. and globally, generating over $140 million in total combined savings.

If you are a facility owner/manager, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate with your existing HVAC service & maintenance contractor to guide them through the simple installation that is often completed within 1-hour.

If you are an HVAC contractor, please contact us to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

We would like to work with you & your staff on implementing our cost effective and efficient solutions to HVAC and refrigeration and freezer unit controls so you can see the cost saving benefits first-hand.


  • HVAC equipment and other cooling systems often use 40% or more of facility energy.
  • Initiatives to reduce power consumption, costs and achieve net-zero goals require innovative efficiency strategies.


  • We efficiently manage HVAC and other cooling systems, reducing energy by 20-50%.
  • Depending on the applications, the optimization pays for itself within 6-18 months by reducing energy, cost, and prolonging equipment life.
  • In some cases, utility incentives can reduce the equipment cost by 50%, resulting in ROI in less than one year.


  • We can help you navigate the complicated incentives market.
  • Many utility companies across the U.S. offer either prescriptive rebates or custom incentives on technology that reduces energy consumption.
  • We take the challenge out of the opportunity by identifying utility incentive opportunities.

This 5-page overview includes key highlights as well as notable projects and favorable economic outcomes: EIC / Case Studies

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We look forward to learning about your operations and then providing a tailored proposal on the most applicable energy saving solutions for your facility.

To schedule a follow-up call to discuss cost savings and energy management, contact:

Geoffrey Nichols
VP of Sales
The Energy Intelligence Center, LLC