SAVE 15% to 40% on HVAC Costs.

FREE ways to Save on HVAC with support from Energy Intelligence Center during COVID-19:

THE CHALLENGE: A dramatic number of businesses across America have temporarily closed, with many more expected to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Closed facilities still need to run air condition to prevent humidity and mildew damage to interiors. When America emerges from this unprecedented challenge, the economic situation may be dire, and the summer season will add insult to injury with added cooling operating costs. Buildings – including hospitals, hotels, offices, condominiums, and retail malls – use 40% of our US energy and 70% of our electricity, according to the Alliance to Save Energy HVAC is typically the largest consumer of energy for commercial buildings, so saving 15% or more is a meaningful benefit.

THE SOLUTION: The OptikW START NOW initiative provides three (3) FREE ways that businesses can start saving money on their HVAC during as well as after the pandemic.

3 FREE HVAC Support Paths:

#1: HVAC Manual Optimization Methods

These are tips for facility managers that are on-site or working remotely to make adjustments a few times or more each day. The savings will more than pay for the few minutes of time. To get the appropriate Manual Optimization Methods file, just email our VP of Operations, John Peterson ( and let him know if you have a chiller plant, heat pumps, or other type of equipment. Our tips work best for central cooling systems with ANY type of Building Management or Automation system BMS/BAS.

#2: HVAC Preliminary Savings Assessments

If you or your facility manager fills out the most basic information on this Data Sheet for your existing HVAC equipment, we can tailor the Manual Optimization Methods to increase your daily energy savings. This has the short-term advantage of saving money for you each day during COVID-19 and also serves as the foundation for long-term potential savings after the pandemic. The Data Sheet has multiple tabs for these property types, so you can click and select the appropriate tab:

Hotel / Casino / Hospital

Process Cooling

Refrigerated Warehouse

Office Building / Data Center / Condo

#3: HVAC Energy Smart Training for Facility Managers 

Webinar/Zoom Calls for Facility Managers. Join weekly training sessions to review the most appropriate Manual Optimization Methods for your facility type. This Three Page overview with Appendix includes an example of one of the Manual Optimization Methods. To register for free online training, just email our VP of Operations, John Peterson ( and he will send you the Zoom link. We target Mondays from 1 to 2 pm EST.

We are diligently working remotely and using all relevant and available IoT connections to help businesses save money through this pandemic.

We Work Instead of Wait

Many businesses are on “pause,” but COVID-19 does not equal a pause for the Energy Intelligence Center. We are working around the clock from North America to PLC programming partners in India. All we ask in consideration for the free time that we dedicate to help you is that you might consider us to provide one or more optimization pilot projects when life gets back to normal after this COVID-19 crisis.

As a sibling to this program, we have also collaborated with Purge Virus to provide proven ultraviolet Germicidal UV Light to sanitize air via HVAC ducts and wall mounted devices. Keeping indoor air clean may become a “new normal” during and following these unprecedented times. Certified KN95 Masks are also available at wholesale pricing.

Stay healthy and safe!

For this COVID-19 initiative, the COLLABORATION PARTNERS include:

American Energy Society:

Purge Virus:


Revolution Energy Group:

American LED Alliance:

June Lite:

COVID-19 LED Phototherapy:

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