Artificial Intelligence for Commercial HVAC

You don’t know how much money you lose...

every second you run your commercial AC or Refrigeration System. If you did, you’d want a solution that gets you back to peak efficiency, no upfront costs, is tested safe and secure, and saves you money.

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Almost every HVAC system—especially those with looped chillers—loses efficiency the day you turn it on. Our machine-learning Artificial Intelligence can show you how much you’re losing to inefficiency and stop the loss in a microsecond. OptikW’s Artificial Intelligence works with your BMS/BAS (or agnostically) to monitor and adjust our patent-pending Enviro-Ops Matrix (EOM) multiple times every hour to help reach and maintain peak efficiency to save you thousands of dollars. It’s like AI that tunes your car’s engine, chassis, electronics, and exhaust dynamically and continuously so you never lose optimal gas mileage.

Zero Upfront Cost for the Technology

With OptikW, you have the choice  to pay on a percentage of the guaranteed monthly savings or own the system outright with paybacks that come in under two years.

Zero Disruption to Your Equipment

We optimize existing HVAC equipment by utilizing multiple parameters such as ambient temperature, humidity, and dew point to run the system at peak performance per manufacturer specifications.

Zero Impact on Your Indoor Temperature

Our algorithm integrates with your existing Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) without changing the user experience for maximum comfort


Your Building Can Start Saving Instantly

This technology has saved more than 23,000,000 kWh / year and millions of dollars since 2011.  Ideal facilities include: Hotels and resorts, hospitals, office and apartment buildings, data centers, schools and universities, casinos, sports venues, food processing and cold storage, manufacturing, correctional facilities, and more. 

OptikW Performance

Proven Results - here are just a few examples:


LEED Platinum Hotel

Daily Savings: 2,275 kWh 

Daily Savings at $.09 / kWh: $204.75 

Annualized Savings: $74,733

Energy Savings: 25% 

(This is on an already LEED Platinum Hotel) 


District cooling plant

Daily Savings: .186 kW/TR = 46,027 kWh

Daily Savings at $.04 / kWh: $1,841

Annualized Savings: $672,000

(Comparison 16.8 million kWh/yr at $.10/kWh = $1.68m)

Energy Savings:  17% 

(This facility has 25,000 Tons of chiller capacity)


Golf & Beach CLub

Daily Savings: 1,065 kWh

Daily Savings at $.08 / kWh: $85.20 

Annualized Savings:  $31,098

Energy Savings: 40%

A kWh Saved is a kWh Earned

Reducing energy waste is more cost-effective than creating renewable energy.

As interest in sustainability increases, many public and private sector leaders have focused on creating more power from solar, wind and other sources. We welcome renewable power, but the payback time is often over 5 years vs under 2 years with our technology.  

We will show you the Savings Potential for your facility

Just let us know a little bit about your chiller tonnage capacity or other cooling systems and we will provide a Level 1 Preliminary Assessment at our cost. One Page Data Sheet

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