OptikW DIAGNOSTICS is all about identifying areas of inefficiency to focus on the path to operational improvement. For HVAC, we are like detectives, who look for anomalies by matching utility bills to monthly temperature and dew point data from the closest weather stations. We often find that on certain days or months the ambient conditions are not being fully utilized to the financial advantage of the property owners and managers. We are also like doctors who check the health of your systems through on-site visits and provide systematic analysis in follow up reports. OptikW Diagnostics is like a blood test to determine how to create a more energy intelligent building.

Our Online Diagnostics Tool is under development by the Energy Intelligence Center to identify savings opportunities and deliver recommendations for efficiency improvements. This technology will be the most cost-effective way for facility owners and managers to “see” where they can save money on their HVAC, Lighting, Renewable Power Production, and other systems. The tool will then provide guidance to take action and execute on the savings potential, starting with recommendations for manual tests that demonstrate results.

Think of OptikW Diagnostics as a magnifying glass to more closely view your system.