To address the dire economic impact of COVID-19, OptikW’s START NOW initiative includes discounted and fast-tracked consulting to help businesses quickly identify where they can save the most energy to reduce operating costs, during and after this pandemic.

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OptikW CONSULTING is the analysis and advisory service provided by the Energy Intelligence Center for property owners and managers that seek to optimize their HVAC, Lighting, Renewable Power, or other systems.

For HVAC, where we have particular experience in advanced algorithmic software, multiple clients have chosen to engage us in Consulting Agreements in advance of the implementations. Here is an example of the process sequence:

  1. CLIENT provides information to EIC on the existing HVAC equipment as well as twelve (12) months of trailing energy consumption data.
  2. EIC holds the information in confidence per the Mutual Non-Disclosure provisions of the agreement.
  3. EIC reviews the information and provides Manual Optimization Methods (MOM), specific to the property as a means to both save the client money in the short-term and demonstrate the methods that may be deployed via Algorithmic Software, under an optional separate performance agreement following the consulting.
  4. EIC prepares an Energy Conservation Measures Report (ECM-Report), which identifies measures with the least possible impact on both the existing equipment and the temperature settings that impact the user experience.
  5. The ECM-Report typically includes: a: Estimated Annual Savings, b: MOMs, c: ECMs, d: Equipment: Possible new equipment needs, such as Sensors or Variable Frequency Drives only if needed to maximize savings, e: Timeline for implementation
  6. If and when CLIENT requests to go forward with the implementation after reviewing the ECM-Report, EIC will prepare a Draft Performance Compensation Agreement, that will include the development of Algorithmic Software through EIC’s OptikW Platform, that EIC will tailor to the PROPERTY. EIC designs the software to integrate with the existing BMS/BAS system at the PROPERTY.
  7. In many cases, EIC commits to crediting 100% of the Consulting service fee toward the implementation. EIC also commits to holding the cost of the implementation to a certain total amount or period of time, with performance terms on the energy saved at mutual agreement with both Parties.
  8. Consulting Time Frame: Variable and subject to availability of information by CLIENT on the existing equipment and data accessibility.
  9. Consulting Deliverable: ECM-Report
  10. Compensation: Variable based on PROPERTY size, type, and location

Experienced Professionals:

Technology on its own can deliver great results, but if you couple clean-tech with experienced human capital you can reach efficiency levels that will set new benchmarks of performance. The Energy Intelligence Center’s founding partners each have multiple decades of experience in their respective fields of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, and Electrical Engineering as does our VP of Operations. Our support team of specialized consultants creates a powerful platform for facility owners and operators to cost-effective save money on a broad range of energy initiatives.

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