OptikW ALGORITHM is the Algorithmic Software that serves as the technology cornerstone of the Energy Intelligence Center’s solutions to optimize the consumption of energy (kilowatts) for commercial real estate air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The initial patented (USPTO 2014) and proven algorithm for water cooled chiller systems now includes technology for air cooled systems as well as patent pending technology for other HVAC systems.

The algorithmic software is enhanced with the Internet of Things (IoT) and support services and technology to cost-effectively optimizes kilowatt hours per refrigeration ton (kWh/RT), without disrupting existing equipment or the user experience.

In addition to consulting and flat rate programs, we offer $0 upfront cost options with monthly licensing payments starting at 50% of the energy savings. The performance payments are based on monthly utility bills relative to sub-meters, trailing year to date consumption, mutually agreed baseline metrics, or the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

What makes OptikW different?

We focus on ambient conditions! … and our software is tailored to the existing equipment specifications. Our external and internal data mapping lets us synchronize equipment to run as it was designed to perform at top efficiency. The result is dynamic and continuous optimization every hour of every day. The software is like a seasoned conductor that synchronizes the play of instruments. It integrates with your BMS, and you can turn it off and on just as a pilot uses autopilot to optimize takeoff, flight, and landing, relative to ambient conditions. In addition to saving energy, OptikW saves maintenance staff time and increases the longevity of equipment though load balancing and other measures. Our algorithmic software has proven performance over the past decade, and it is based on fundamental laws of science, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Guaranteed Savings: OptikW guarantees the projected annual energy savings. While other “Retro-Commissioning” providers can address energy efficiency, to an extent, the services typically only address static variables and not the dynamic variables that impact energy utilization across the entire cooling eco-system and ambient conditions. The dynamic and proven approach enables OptikW to guarantee the savings, with low upfront costs. The upfront cost is typically a percentage of the year-one estimated savings, and it is variable based on the complexity and data accessibility of the existing HVAC system.


Advanced Energy Efficiency through Dynamic Cooling Optimization

The Science: OptikW addresses dynamic variables, such as the constantly changing ambient air temperature, relative humidity, and dew point. This platform reduces costs by synchronizing elements within chillers, heat pump HVAC systems, and process cooling, according to the equipment specifications to maximize energy and cost savings.

Proven Results: The team and the technology that powers OptikW have proven results over the past ten years. The deliverable is middleware technology and consulting that dynamically optimizes existing cooling systems in order to increase efficiencies across equipment settings, pumps, air handling units and cooling towers for optimal balancing of loads, pressures, temperatures and flows.