Our Energy Intelligence Center HVAC Internship Program engages high school, college, and graduate student interns. We focus on state-of-the-art air conditioning and refrigeration optimization for commercial properties. Our proven technology works well to cost-effectively reduce operating costs, support job creation, and foster environmental sustainability.

Website: www.EnergyIntelligenceCenter.com

Contact: Charlie Szoradi

Energy Intelligence Center, CEO


Direct: 610-551-5224

HVAC Internship Program Time Commitment: One afternoon per week up to Full Time

HVAC Internship Program Schedule: Summer and winter vacations as well as academic semester part-time programs

HVAC Internship Program Location: Interns may work from home/school or on-site at one of the company’s locations.

HVAC Internship Program Options:  Interns may choose to work in one or more areas of focus:

Marketing and Public Relations

  • (Case Studies, Videos, and Press Releases)

Website Development

  • (Content additions, landing pages, micro-sites)

Savings Reports

  • (Proposal Development)

Reseller Support Services

  • (Purchase Order coordination, Webinar Training, and Recruiting)

Business Development

  • (Meeting support, calls, emails, etc.)


  • (Technology R&D support)

HVAC Internship Program Compensation: Paid and unpaid internships are available, subject to intern capabilities. In some cases, a brief assessment period with trial tasks determines capabilities and compensation.


The Energy Intelligence Center is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial & industrial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible. Our OptikWtechnology optimizes kW reduction and kWh consumption and is the hub of operations. Artificial Intelligence (Ai) for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration play an increasing role in our offerings. We provide algorithm implementation and consulting at the facility level, and we also provide training for next-generation energy professionals. Our founding partners have over a decade of proven results with case studies of implementations that optimize cooling systems by 15% to 40%.

Applications for the HVAC Internship Program:

Please email your resume to: Charlie@EICteam.com

Subject Line: HVAC Internship Program

In addition to attaching your resume, please provide information on your scheduling availability.