During the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the Manual Optimization Methods are available for free use by essential and non-essential businesses around the world.

The “triage” methods typically do not require ANY new equipment. To start saving 15% or more on HVAC and process cooling energy costs email our VP of Operations, John Peterson John@EICteam.com or click here:


American experts + a consortium of US and international strategic partners = SOLUTIONS

To address Coronavirus, Energy Intelligence Center’s fast-track solutions instantaneous help hospitals and businesses reduce operating costs via Manual Optimization Methods for HVAC energy savings.

Every energy dollar saved at private and Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals can go towards testing kits, masks, respirators, and added staff to treat patients.

Saving energy and money is timely now more than ever, given that hospitals seek massive government funding infusions to address COVID-19. We are not doctors, but we do know how to quickly cut out the cancer of energy waste from buildings. For facilities beyond healthcare, this is also a form of preventative medicine to help reduce the potential impact of a global economic recession.

Global connectivity: To slow the increase of Coronavirus infections, social distancing has dramatically accelerated online education and telemedicine. Our OptikW team and members of our strategic partner companies are like “Efficiency Teachers and Doctors,” leveraging digital tools through OptikW Global Connect. We engage one-on-one with facility mangers via email, phone, and text. Video phone calls are also an excellent way to “see” Building Management and Automation (BMS/BAS) screens and guide facility managers through Manual Optimization Methods. For group training and guidance, screen sharing webinars are naturally the highest and best use of time and technology.


Berwyn, PA, March 19, 2020 – The Energy Intelligence Center (http://energyintelligencecenter.com/) announces that it is fast-tracking the roll out of Manual Optimization Methods through its OptikW platform (OptikW-MOM).

As the Coronavirus pandemic takes its toll on health and the economy around the world, the Energy Intelligence Center has received feedback from customers that seek ways to immediately reduce operating costs, now more than ever. The Energy Intelligence Center is well positioned to help businesses in America and around the world, since heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) typically combine as the largest consumers of energy for commercial properties.

COVID-19 Response: Operating cost reduction methods for energy savings

For essential facilities like hospitals and grocery stores, saving energy is always key regardless of the public health situation. During this Coronavirus pandemic, sectors like hospitality are hit hard, and hotels seek ways to cut costs given the lower volume of travel and visiting guests. The Energy Intelligence Center is fast-tracking the set of HVAC Manual Optimization Methods that can be implemented in minutes by facility managers to save energy for a broad range of facility types.

“Think of this as wartime ‘triage’ that include a set of scalable IF>THEN tips and instructions based on different existing HVAC equipment configurations, outside temperature, and other ambient conditions,” said Charlie Szoradi, CEO of the Energy Intelligence Center.

The OptikW-MOM can be enacted by facility managers directly on-site or remotely via the Internet of Things (IoT) if they are working from home. The methods have come from over 10 years of proven implementations around the world, with custom tailored algorithmic software. Software as a Service (SaaS) is still the primary model for the OptikW platform, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions during this global pandemic. 

During this pandemic, the Manual Optimization Methods will be available for free sample trials to facility owners and managers around the world. More about Energy Intelligence Center, see: http://energyintelligencecenter.com/manual-optimization/

Energy Intelligence Center Contacts for this initiative:

Charlie Szoradi, CEO: Charlie@EICteam.com

Sri Chari, President and Chief Technology Officer: Sri@EICteam.com

John Peterson, VP of Operations:  John@EICteam.com

Best practices from around the world: OptikW is pleased to share proven methods of manual optimization during this pandemic, and we are simultaneously aggregating methods from other global HVAC and process cooling experts as well as government agencies ranging from the US Department of Energy to equivalents in other countries. As we share tips and methods with facility managers, we also welcome the performance feedback to provide a resource for other facility managers to learn about best practices and the energy saving results. The Energy Intelligence Center is committed to dedicating the time and adding value as an information “hub” with OptikW as a spoke on the solutions wheel. 

Strength in numbers: Meaningful change takes a combination of smart people and a consortium of US and international strategic partners to deliver fast and actionable energy intelligence. Together, we help facility managers align the right optimization methods to their HVAC system. Since the Coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, we have built on our existing foundation of US strategic relationships to engage with strategic partners in India, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Thailand, and more to come. Here is sample of our Manual Optimization Methods, If you or your company would like to learn more or join our growing consortium of HVAC experts, please Contact Us.

To review the growing roster of free services and collaboration partners for this COVID-19 initiative see: http://energyintelligencecenter.com/free-during-covid-19/