Safe and Efficient Buildings with Energy Intelligence

For safety and energy intelligence in existing and new construction, we work with facility owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and ESCOs to design the most cost effective and integrated solutions that incorporate energy conservation measures (ECMs). In our consulting and system design capacity, we focus on solutions and specifications that are agnostic to specific technology providers. We undertake rigorous due diligence to determine the performance of clean technologies across the dynamic sustainability marketplace.

We incorporate proven and available technology, provide utility rebate administration, and help coordinate installations and zero upfront cost options upon request. With COVID-19, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is key. We help improve IAQ and save energy to help schools, apartment buildings, manufacturing plants, airports/transit stations, and businesses recover and thrive.

In support of the energy intelligence information below, please see our total property approach to Sustainable Buildings.

energy intelligence

Buildings are not just static. They are dynamic organisms with interconnections across solids, liquids, and gases, like the air we breathe. A building’s central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is like the lungs. Columns and beams are the bones. Thermostats and sensors are the nerves sending signals to the building management systems, which is like the brain. Just as people talk to each other and share information, we now have the ability with the internet of thinks (IoT) to share data within buildings and across multiple buildings to enhance learning within a community of networked buildings. Synchronizing and optimizing the systems yields the desired result of safety and efficiency for a sustainable future.

Energy intelligence

We apply our algorithmic solutions to help synchronize elements and make buildings more energy intelligent. We also align the most appropriate partner technologies to each of our clients’ existing buildings or new construction projects. Our solutions leverage big data, algorithmic software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced technologies to help improve building safety and efficiency. We navigate the complexity with proven results, provide measurement and verification, and secure utility rebates, grants, or performance compensation options to maximize return on investment for each client.

The Energy Intelligence Center is pleased to engage with Clean-Tech Partners such as the ones included on this page.

energy intelligence

THE “Five Star” SOLUTION for Energy Intelligence: Cut your energy costs in half!

#1: Our OptikW platform uses algorithmic software to optimize kilowatts at the “heart” of HVAC. We leverage ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, and dew point, to improve the performance of your existing chillers and HVAC equipment. Click here for Up to 25 ton Systems

We engage key strategic partners:

#2: Clean Peak Energy uses the thermal mass of your building as a “battery” to store temperature and reduce peak interval energy costs.

#3: Purge Virus uses bipolar ionization to clean indoor air and reduce the requirements for as much outside replacement air.

#4: Independence LED Lighting uses energy saving lights to save 50% or more over traditional lights.

#5: Building Fit uses data analytics with measurement and verification to identify areas of savings and track performance.

Combined with OptikW, the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) can typically each save 15% or more, adding up to savings that can cut your HVAC energy bills in half. STAR NOW.


Click here to download our EIC Clean-Tech Partnerships: One Page Overview.

Click here for the Expanded FIVE STAR File.

Click here for our Data Sheet that we use to provide Preliminary Energy Savings Assessments, at our cost.

Additional Energy Intelligence for Sustainability

Our Energy Intelligence Center team helps ALIGN the most appropriate technologies to your facility. The following strategic partner companies add value where appropriate to any given facility.

Planning and Project Funding with Zero Upfront Cost:

energy intelligence center partner

GEMM helps facilitate C-PACE funding for zero upfront cost solutions with terms that are low interest and spread out over 20 years. This makes it easy for commercial and industrial property owners to just make the payment once a year along with property taxes. The Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are structured to yield annual energy savings that are typically far in excess of the financing payment. Now, you can make more money without spending any money and foster environmental stewardship along the way. GEMM can quickly shape the scope of your building’s potential for savings by assessing energy, demand, water, stormwater, and maintenance costs. We combine engineering, finance, and management strategy to produce a development plan any executive team can act upon.

Redefining Retrofit and New Construction Methods:

energy intelligence center partner

Nextek Power Systems produces advanced Direct Current (DC) power supplies. Their power hub drivers (PhDs) are ideal for energy savings with lighting systems as well as for Direct Current microgrids. See this page for savings comparisons over traditional Alternating Current (AC) “status quo”: DC Microgrids.

low carbon construction

Nexii creates building solutions that transform living standards for all communities while ensuring the enduring health of our Earth. Nexii designs and manufactures high-performance buildings and retrofit products that are cost-efficient, use less energy, and are resilient in the face of climate change. The products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times and construction costs.

Intelligence on the Roof:

energy intelligence center partner

Aircosaver provides proprietary technology for devices that are ideal for saving energy at facilities that have rooftop units (RTUs), wall-mounted units, window units, cassette units, or single split systems.

solar power

Jordan Energy provides best-in-class comprehensive solutions to harness the power of the sun. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof or ground mount are a great way to generate renewable energy. Jordan Energy will design the optimal solar system for your needs to ensure that solar is an attractive financial investment.

Intelligence in the Chiller Plant:

Clean technology

Ideal to Reduce TSS and TDS in HVAC Water Loops: ElectroCell Systems offers a modern alternative to traditional filters with a custom-designed, state-of-the-art, automated side-stream particle precipitator system. The patented system increases the efficiency and reliability in water systems of commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC facilities. The system was developed to eliminate 98% of all Total Suspended Solids (TSS) down to one micron, thereby improving thermo transfer and minimizing the risk of bio growth, including legionella. It also addresses Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – keeping clean surfaces clean and removing fouling, if present, by disrupting laminar boundaries and increasing thermal transfer. ElectroCell Systems’ dual technology is a one-two punch advantage in keeping circulating systems ultra-clean and efficient. More Key Benefits of ElectroCell Systems include: Water Savings – Reduce make-up water by 20-30% by increasing equipment efficiency, focusing on evaporation rates rather than extending bleed cycles. Energy Savings – Increasing thermal transfer and system efficiency will net an average energy savings of 12-15%.

Transportation – EV Charging for Parking Lots and Garages:

EV charging

JuiceBarEV provides electric vehicle (EV) charging with unsurpassed value, service, flexibility, reliability and cutting-edge technology. JuiceBar Chargers are now in service throughout the US and Canada, responding to rapidly expanding demand for a robust EV infrastructure.

BioWaste to Energy

biowaste to energy

SoMax BioEnergy provides organic biowaste resource recovery via Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC). For large scale facilities and municipalities this is often one of the most cost-effective ways to generate renewable electricity and/or capture carbon to prevent the adverse effects of climate change.

To schedule a complimentary Energy Saving Assessment to learn about OptikW or any of our Clean-Tech Partners:

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Pre-Engagement: There is no cost to our prospective customers for preliminary energy intelligence savings assessments. We use information provided, such as existing HVAC equipment and monthly energy bills, and we also pursue available utility incentives and provide estimates on complete implementation with installation and timelines.

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