The Energy Intelligence Center is pleased to engage in Clean-Tech Partnerships such as the ones included on this page.

CHALLENGE: Commercial and Industrial Buildings waste energy on HVAC and Lighting.

Clean-Tech Partnerships

THE “Five Star” SOLUTION: Cut your energy costs in half!

#1: Our OptikW platform uses algorithmic software to optimize kilowatts at the “heart” of HVAC. We leverage ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, and dew point, to improve the performance of your existing chillers and HVAC equipment.

We engage key strategic partners:

#2: Clean Peak Energy uses the thermal mass of your building as a “battery” to store temperature and reduce peak interval energy costs.

#3: Purge Virus uses bipolar ionization to clean indoor air and reduce the requirements for as much outside replacement air.

#4: Independence LED Lighting uses energy saving lights to save 50% or more over traditional lights.

#5: Building Fit uses data analytics with measurement and verification to identify areas of savings and track performance.

Additional Energy Intelligence on the Roof:

Aircosaver provides proprietary technology for devices that are ideal for saving energy at facilities that have rooftop units (RTUs), wall-mounted units, window units, cassette units, or single split systems.

Jordan Energy provides best-in-class comprehensive solutions to harness the power of the sun. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof or ground mount are a great way to generate renewable energy. Jordan Energy will design the optimal solar system for your needs to ensure that solar is an attractive financial investment.

Combined with OptikW, the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) can typically each save 15% or more, adding up to savings that can cut your HVAC energy bills in half.

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Pre-Engagement: There is no cost to our prospective customers for preliminary energy savings assessments. We use information provided, such as existing HVAC equipment and monthly energy bills, and we also pursue available utility incentives and provide estimates on complete implementation with installation and timelines.