The Energy Intelligence Center, LLC. (EIC) is an energy services company uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency, optimization, operations, and economic incentives for the optimization of building equipment, and management and automation systems.  Our mission is to create client focused energy efficient building portfolios.  The independence LED lighting (iLED) facet of the EIC is a professional lighting solutions company with Made in America LED lighting products, manufacturing experience, and insight.

Why we do what we do:

The Energy Intelligence Center focuses on energy efficiency consulting and sustainability solutions. We start by upgrading commercial property lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. We can save 50% or more on lighting with LEDs and over 15% on HVAC, without changing any of the cooling equipment or impacting thermostat settings. For our energy intelligence, we integrate with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) as well as provide optimization for facilities that do not have BMS/BAS.

Media Cover Stories

Article including interview with EIC’s CEO: How hotels should tackle HVAC maintenance

Article excerpt: Energy Intelligence Center’s OptikW platform focuses on optimizing properties’ existing HVAC system to improve energy efficiency, often extending the system’s life. “the Energy Intelligence Center, compared OptikW to an orchestra conductor. Because various elements of a hotel’s HVAC system, from the chiller to the cooling tower on the roof, may not come from the same manufacturer, they do not necessarily communicate with each other, which is where OptikW comes in”, stated Charlie Szoradi, CTO, EIC.

“We’re not replacing equipment or existing tools, we’re enhancing those tools”.

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Clean-Tech Partnerships

Our Clean-Tech Partnerships, such as these help us maximize the energy savings for our clients, lower operating costs, and increase net operating income (NOI). Click the graphic to learn more about these and a growing roster of other specialized energy efficiency technology providers in our “eco-system”.

What we do and where we work:

In addition to our OptikW Algorithmic Software and Consulting, we offer Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Training. We are dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence through ongoing Research and Development to continuously improve our offerings.

U.S. Focus

We service commercial properties across the U.S. Our initial focus includes the Northeast Corridor with the population density, the South/East and West, with the high cooling loads, and the West Coast with a focus on sustainability. For other areas, we provide Preliminary Assessments to determine the most appropriate path to save energy.

International Focus

We service commercial & industrial properties around the world, and members of our team have provided implementation in the Middle East as well as multiple five-star hotels for the Starwood Group in India. Given the high cooling demand for hotels in the Caribbean islands, we also focus on our southern neighbors to help reduce their operating cost. Hotel and hospital facility operating officers and managers in the Caribbean face the double challenge of high cooling demand and higher than U.S. average costs/kWh. Reducing the cooling load by 20% to 40% has a significant impact on operations and net profit.