Outsource Sustainability Director services are a cost-effective way for our clients to reach their energy saving and environmental stewardship goals.

Sustainability is increasingly top of mind for business owners and managers as well as for government elected officials in towns and cities across the US and around the world. Concerns about Climate Change are rising, with pressure from our clients’ customers and constituents to save energy and become more environmentally responsible. In many cases, companies and municipalities cannot afford a full time Sustainability Director.

outsource sustainability director

We are pleased to provide Outsource Sustainability Director services, with a combination of base pay and/or performance compensation. We are technology agnostic to align the most appropriate solutions to the needs of our clients. We help navigate the increasingly complex landscape of sustainability and also hunt for the highest utility rebates and grants along with $0 upfront cost financing options. Outsourcing is a growing trend, and increase in demand for expert Outsource Sustainability Directors is a reflection of the parallel growth in other consulting areas such as Outsource Chief Financial Officers. We focus on maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) for across the breadth of sustainability options.

Our Energy Intelligence Center’s CEO, Charlie Szoradi leads our team with over two decades of experience in sustainability. Mr. Szoradi has cultivated a robust “eco-system” of companies and expert professionals, who specialize in building efficiency as well as renewable power production, energy procurement, water savings, and many other tactics. As the Energy Intelligence Center’s lead Outsource Sustainability Director, Mr. Szoradi also has specific experience in “telling the story” of sustainability, which is key for our clients who seek to share performance results and case studies with their customers and the public.

MULTI-STEP PROCESS for our Outsource Sustainability Director Program

We start with the Existing Condition, and each “S-Step” reflects the sequential path to savings success. The information below is broken out with our services leading up to when the sustainability projects begin and then our optional services following the launch.

S-1: Data Collection

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, we typically gather at least one year of trailing utility bills, equipment schedules for lighting, cooling, heating, water filtration, and other equipment.

S-2: Sustainability Report with Goals + Key Benchmarks

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, we review any and all of our client’s prior or existing energy and sustainability plans and prepare the S-2 Report. Our report assesses where our clients have come and what they need to accomplish to reach their goals. For this step, we also provide target performance benchmarks to help shape the implementation solutions.

S-3: Site Visit and follow up with ROI Report on Multiple Projects

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, the first two steps set the stage for the highest and best use of our time on a site visit. In the follow up to the site visit, we provide comparison ROI files to help our clients better understand which projects are most appropriate in the short-term over others that may have long terms benefits but are less cost-effective at that time.

S-4: Favored Project Blueprints with Utility Rebate Incentives and Financing Options

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, we take our client’s feedback on which projects make the most sense for them to start. We roll up our sleeves and get into the details of the tactics. This is the point where we shift gears from the strategy into the execution of the blueprints that have all of the details including cost advantages from utility companies and equipment financing providers.

S-5: Project Set 1 Procurement and Bid Support + Pre-Installation Coordination and Launch Preparation

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, we help our clients get the most out of every dollar. We cross source technology, help manage bids for installation labor and look for every may to maximize return for the target launch projects.


SAVINGS ($ + CO²) is typically the key performance benchmark of our success, and for an increasing number of companies work force productivity is also an advantage. Healthy and happy employees drive business success as does reduction on operating costs.

Project Set 1, 2, and 3 + more

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, the S-3 phase of our work typically identifies multiple projects, some of which take precedent over others. After the first one is complete, or during the rollout, we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate next set of projects.

Monitoring + Performance Verification

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, upon request from our clients, for each project we provide monitoring support as well as the service to verify the performance, which in most cases is the utility consumption of electricity, natural gas, and water.

Ongoing Project Support

In our Outsource Sustainability Director role, as the first project or set of projects unfolds, we support the pre-production for the next set that is slated along the sustainability path.

Case Studies + Marketing

Some clients have capable outside marketing firms, while others request support from our CEO, Charlie Szoradi, given his experience and his passion for “telling the story” of sustainability. In his role as Outsource Sustainability Director, Mr. Szoradi is pleased to provide the marketing directly or in conjunction with outside marketing firms to add value for our clients.