Our Energy Intelligence Center HVAC Internship Program engages high school, college, and graduate student interns. We focus on state-of-the-art air conditioning and refrigeration training for students that are interested in next generation energy intelligence. Students get hands on experience learning about cost-effective ways to reduce facility operating costs, support job creation, and foster environmental sustainability.

Website: www.EnergyIntelligenceCenter.com

Contact: Charlie Szoradi

Energy Intelligence Center, CEO


Direct: 610-551-5224

HVAC Internship Program Time Commitment: One afternoon per week up to Full Time

HVAC Internship Program Schedule: Summer and winter vacations as well as academic semester part-time programs

HVAC Internship Program Location: Interns may work from home/school or on-site at one of the company’s locations.

HVAC Internship Program Options:  Interns may choose to work in one or more areas of focus:

Marketing and Public Relations

  • (Case Studies, Videos, and Press Releases)

Website Development

  • (Content additions, landing pages, micro-sites)

Savings Reports

  • (Proposal Development)

Reseller Support Services

  • (Purchase Order coordination, Webinar Training, and Recruiting)

Business Development

  • (Meeting support, calls, emails, etc.)


  • (Technology R&D support)

HVAC Internship Program Compensation: Paid and unpaid internships are available, subject to intern capabilities. In some cases, a brief assessment period with trial tasks determines capabilities and compensation.


The Energy Intelligence Center is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial & industrial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible.

Applications for the HVAC Internship Program:

Please email your resume to: Charlie@EICteam.com

Subject Line: HVAC Internship Program

In addition to attaching your resume, please provide information on your scheduling availability.