Hands on for major projects

Energy Intelligence Center – Executive Team

The Energy Intelligence Center (EIC) understands that the successful advancement of disruptive technology requires rigorous execution as well as effective marketing and business development. Since 2011, EIC’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the company’s Chief Implementation Officer (CIO) have worked hand in hand to manage the implementation of seventeen different projects around the world, specifically focused on energy savings through cooling system optimization. The installed projects to date save over 25 million annual kWh. The Energy Intelligence Center’s CEO dovetails with the CTO and CIO to enhance communications regarding the competitive advantages of the technology and generate new business from the most appropriate facilities. Together, EIC’s Executive Team focuses on the highest return on investment and energy savings for its end users. By managing EIC’s Sales Channel of strategic partnerships across the U.S. and around the world, the company is able to reduce commercial energy consumption at some of the most competitive levels on the global landscape.

Chief Executive Officer – Charlie Szoradi

Charles A. Szoradi (Charlie Szoradi) is an architect and energy intelligence executive with more than 28 years of experience in sustainability and cost-savings for retrofits and new construction. Mr. Szoradi focuses on high performance architecture, and he is a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Accredited Professional), a Certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Energy Auditor, a member of the Energy and Sustainability Committee for the Society of American Military Engineers, and the Leadership Council Chairman of the American LED Alliance. In 2009, Mr. Szoradi was elected to the Board of the Sustainable Business Network and selected as a member of the Green Economy Task Force, with direct participation on the Capitol Hill Delegation. Mr. Szoradi earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, and he earned his Masters from the University of Pennsylvania, where he wrote his Masters Thesis on Energy Intelligence – “Eco-Humanism” in the early 1990s.  He has multiple patents granted by the USPTO and is the author of Learn from Looking, which includes over two decades of his travel drawings and insight on energy-efficiency and sustainability from his travels and work around the world. Mr. Szoradi is a sought after speaker on cost-effective sustainable design, and he lives in Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

President and Chief Technology Officer – Sri Chari

Sridharan Raghavachari (Sri Chari) is a technology/business development executive with over 48 years of progressive experience in the engineering, manufacturing and energy service industries.  Has been in the ESCO business for the past 28 years at the forefront of Developing unique, cost-effective control strategies for energy savings in cooling, air compressors, refrigeration, process heating, big pumping applications, and other commercial and industrial end use technologies. He has conducted over 300 industrial and 300 commercial building audits in Australia, China, Colombia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & the United States of America. Mr. Chari has conducted over 50 Investment Grade Audits (IGA) for commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, office building and malls, milk dairies and large-scale pumping stations. His inventions to date include US Patent #6,860,103 B 2 for Multiple Compressors System Energy Efficiency Control (CASEMC), US Patent #8,660,702 B 2 for Central Cooling and Circulation Energy Management Control (CCCEMC), and Patent Pending: Pumping Energy Management Control (PEMC) and Synchronization of Elements (SEO) along with other relevant patents under development. Mr. Chari earned his Bachelor of Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (R.I.T.), Trichy, University of Madras and he has lived in Franklin, Wisconsin since the 1990s.

Chief Implementation Officer – D.S. Ravishankar

Devalapur Somasundar Ravishankar (D.S. Ravishankar) is an electrical engineer with more than 32 years of experience in designing, building and commissioning of control & automation systems. Since 2005 Mr. Ravishankar, has been running Fluid Controls and Systems (FCS), an industrial automation solution provider. As a System Integrator, FCS has the technical capabilities to create total solutions in electrical/instrumentation engineering and provide complete lifecycle automation solutions to end users and OEMs, across a broad range of industries. Prior experience for Mr. Ravishankar includes Venson Electric Co., USHA MARTIN Industries and Control Aid Engineers.  Since 2011, Mr. Ravishankar has worked directly with the Energy Intelligence Center’s CTO, Sri Chari, on the programming and equipment development for seventeen different projects around the world, specifically focused on energy savings through cooling system optimization. The installed projects to date save over 25 million annual kWh. Mr. Ravishankar earned his engineering degree at the University of Karnataka, India. He lives in Bangalore, India where he manages a team of 40 engineers, programmers and support personnel.