Property Owners and Managers face many choices when it comes to intelligent and cost-effective energy savings. We welcome the opportunity to service clients around the world, but our primary focus is on the U.S. market.

Why we do what we do:

1: America uses over 25% of the world’s energy with less than 5% of the population.

2: Buildings account for over 40% of U.S. energy.

3: Lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation typically account for over 50% of commercial building energy use.

The Energy Intelligence Center focuses on energy efficiency consulting and sustainability solutions. We start with the “low hanging fruit” by upgrading commercial property lighting and air conditioning as well as ventilation and refrigeration systems. We can save 50% or more on lighting with LEDs and save over 15% on HVAC, without changing any of the cooling equipment or impacting thermostat settings. For our energy intelligence, we integrate with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) as well as provide optimization for facilities that do not have BMS/BAS.


Learn more about our Leadership in Energy Intelligence and see the bios.

In addition to our OptikW Consulting, we offer MonitoringDiagnosticsTraining. We are dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence through ongoing Research and Development to continuously improve our offerings. Plus, our Artificial Intelligence Research and Development serves to continuously improve our offerings.

U.S. Focus: We service commercial properties across the U.S. Our initial focus includes the Northeast Corridor with the population density, the South/East and West, with the high cooling loads, and the West Coast with a focus on sustainability. For other areas, we provide Preliminary Assessments to determine the most appropriate path to save energy.

International Focus: We service commercial & industrial properties around the world, and members of our founding team have provided implementation in the Middle East as well as multiple five star hotels for the Starwood Group in India. Given the high cooling demand for hotels in the Caribbean islands, we also focus on our southern neighbors to help reduce their operating cost. Hotel and hospital facility operating officers and managers in the Caribbean face the double challenge of high cooling demand and higher than U.S. average costs/kWh. Reducing the cooling load by 20% to 40% has a significant impact on operations and net profit.

The Energy Intelligence Center includes a consortium of Chanel Partners in the U.S. from the east to the west coast and from the south up though the north. Strategic relations as far as Australia and the Middle East provide an opportunity to extend the optimization and advance toward a more sustainable future.


Our Co-Founders are two seasoned energy professionals. Charles A. Szoradi (Charlie), Sridharan Raghavachari (Sri), who both share a vision to provide cost-effective energy and sustainability optimization. They each bring multiple decades of experience within their areas of focus.

•Business Operations, Channel Sales, and Marketing – Charlie (CEO)

•Optimization Development Strategy and Project Oversight – Sri (President and CTO)

Sri is the inventor of one of the seminal cooling optimization systems, which was filed for patent protection in 2010 and initially assigned to OEM. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the patent in 2014 for the “CENTRAL COOLING AND CIRCULATION ENERGY MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM.” The patented algorithm has served as the springboard for program development. Installed projects to date save over 25 million annual kWh. Charlie is a LEED AP Architect and sustainability professional, who has multiple patents granted by the USPTO and is the author of Learn from Looking, which includes over two decades of his travel drawings and insight on energy-efficiency and sustainability from his travels and work around the world.

As the Energy Intelligence Center grows, there are leadership opportunities for strategic participation and employment in sections of the U.S. as well as overseas.

For students interested in careers in Next Generation Sustainability, see our HVAC Internship Program