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The Energy Intelligence Center is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial & industrial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible. In addition to our own technologies, we have a coalition of Clean Tech Partnerships to address energy optimization across a broad range of equipment and property types.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimization are core strengths of the Energy Intelligence Center. Learn more about our OptikW Platform.

Energy efficient “green” clean technology is at the center of our business

Multiple interior and exterior parameters along with existing equipment and management systems are the “rings” that we interconnect and optimize to deliver maximum energy savings. We tailor our offerings to meet the needs of Facility Owners, Managers, Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Energy Service Companies.
In addition to Energy Intelligence Center’s OptikW Algorithmic Software and Consulting, we offer Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Training. We are also dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence through ongoing Research and Development to continuously improve our offerings.

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About Us

“The Energy Intelligence Center, LLC. (EIC) is an energy services company uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency, optimization, operations, and economic incentives for the optimization of building equipment, and management and automation systems. Our mission is to create client focused energy efficient building portfolios. The independence LED lighting (iLED) facet of the EIC is a professional lighting solutions company with Made in America LED lighting products, manufacturing experience, and insight.”

Why we do what we do:

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OptikW is a family of technology and service offerings that is the platform for us to cost-effectively optimize indoor environment conditions and process cooling. The Energy Intelligence Center optimizes the consumption of energy (kilowatts) for commercial real estate air conditioning and industrial refrigeration blast freezing systems. Given the complexity of HVAC equipment and the growing capabilities of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS), we are pleased to support Facility Owners, Managers, Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Energy Service Companies. Where appropriate, we welcome the opportunity to work as subcontractors to help our channel partners deliver the results that their clients seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We will recommend Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) based on several factors including size of building, cooling structure and accessibility to data.  None of the OptikW installation will require ongoing manual input on site.

A. Using a VFD on the cooling towers is critical to having the OptikW system work effectively.  The cost is generally nominal in the grand scheme of a project and will pay for itself very quickly if needed.

A. One of the huge benefits from a management standpoint is the OptikW platform works seamlessly in the background.  The existing BMS/BAS provides the same alerts as prior to OptikW, and maintenance does not need to provide any manual modifications.  All the optimization is handled by EIC in the cloud or locally for secure facilities such as casinos or military bases.